Celadon Pharmaceuticals, a West Midlands business focused on the research, cultivation, manufacturing and sale of cannabis-based medicines, has received final approval from the NHS for its non-cancer chronic pain clinical trial.

The trial, to be conducted at Celadon’s private pain clinic, LVL Health, will involve up to 5,000 patients to support doctors’ prescriptions of cannabis-based medicines and potentially lead to reimbursement by the NHS.

The company previously held conditional approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for the Trial. However, before formally commencing, the NHS’s Ethics Committee requested an initial feasibility study to be conducted over a three-month period. 

The results of the feasibility study were submitted for review on 30 December 2022 and indicated positive outcomes for quality of life, pain and sleep, as well as the reduction of opioid usage.

James Short said: “Everything we do at Celadon starts with the patient, and the results from the first part of the study we have seen in terms of improvements in quality of life have been tremendous.

“Our longstanding aim remains to open up the UK market by giving doctors confidence in prescribing and creating the most robust data set to-date in the UK for cannabis-based medicines. This is why we invested in LVL and the trial protocol in the first place, which was over two years in development.

“This larger clinical trial was designed in collaboration with the MHRA to provide a data set that will enable the potential for prescription and reimbursement by the NHS and insurance companies.”

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